Climate Change Minister in visit to the University of Nottingham to hear more about Project SCENe

MP Claire Perry visited Creative Energy Homes at the University of Nottingham to meet with researchers to hear about green energy projects. Charles Bradshaw-Smith from Smatklub, Nick Ebbs from Blueprint, Dainius Alonderis and Professor Gavin Walker from the University of Nottingham were presenting some of the developments of Project SCENe. The visit… Continue reading

More about Project SCENe

If you are interested in knowing more about Project SCENe here are some links of articles about the project: “Trent Basin project could provide low-carbon model for the future” “Europe’s largest community battery to be installed at Nottingham’s Trent Basin”  “Europe’s Largest Community Battery to be Installed in Nottingham” “Tesla to… Continue reading

Residents Meetings Notes

If you have missed the Trent Basin residents meetings held at the Trent Basin Community Hub on January and April 2017, here are some notes of the subjects discussed. The purpose of the meetings was to explain Project SCENe’s Community Energy proposition. Meeting attendants included some of the Trent Basin Residents… Continue reading

Press release University of Nottingham: “Pioneering community energy pilot underway at Nottingham housing development”

The University of Nottingham published the press release of Project SCENe: “Trent Basin in Nottingham, which current comprises 45 homes, is preparing to install Europe’s largest community battery (2MWh), and solar photovoltaics that will generate, store and distribute energy at a neighbourhood level, and launch a unique energy company for… Continue reading