Nottingham Leading the Energy strategy of UK Smart City Index

The UK Smart Cities Index was released on October 23rd 2017. This report recognised cities using innovative technologies to benefit the local community. Nottingham was ranked on the eight place between the UK 20 leading smart cities, and Project SCENe was recognised as one of the key projects contributing to this achievement (My Nottingham News).

The Star Award for Nottingham was on initiatives in the Energy sector: “A pioneer in new approaches to city energy, it has put down a strong foundation and is now developing an impressive roster of community energy projects”. The city was recognised for being a leader by building a coherent strategy and deployment.

The research conducted by HUAWEI identified five key aspects in the assessment of smart cities (UK Smart City Index Report):

  • Bridging the gap between smart city programmes and strategic city priorities
  • Supporting the emergence of city platforms
  • Strengthening regional perspectives
  • Expanding the partner ecosystems needed to deliver a smart city vision
  • Developing more integrated approaches to city issues

The assessment of the cities was based in the Strategy and Execution of their initiatives. Each city was evaluated according to their visions, goals and objectives, but also the actual achievements and deployment. The cities were classified in a raking of: Leaders, Contenders, Challengers, and Followers. Bristol was ranked as the leader of this year followed by London. Nottingham was ranked in the groups of Contender cities which are defined as: “Cities that have well-defined, evolving strategies and an impressive array of innovation projects. These cities are now building on well-established programmes, creating stronger bonds between different stakeholders and looking to accelerate the wider deployment of successful solutions” (UK Smart City Index Report).

According to the report: “Nottingham has built up a strong roster of energy and transport initiatives and projects. It is now starting to bring these together with a broader, more coordinated smart city strategy”.

Project SCENe at Trent Basin is presented as one of the key projects and initiatives of Nottingham. The city obtained its higher scores in Sustainability Strategies, Execution and Implementation of the goals. Nottingham was recognised as leading the Energy initiatives by “building on its foundational energy innovation projects with new community energy schemes that include solar and storage programs. It is also looking at how energy improvements interact with transport and housing issues” (UK Smart City Index Report).

Project SCENe’ team is proud of contributing to the strategies and execution of Nottingham Smart City strategies. If you want to know more about the Community Energy at Trent Basin, please visit our Project SCENe Public Forum and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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