projectscene.uk image: How Trent Basin will look

Project SCENe (Sustainable Community Energy Networks) looks to accelerate the adoption of Community Energy Systems, a different way of generating and supplying locally generated heat and electricity to homes and commercial buildings. The benefits are reduced cost and more efficient use of distributed renewables to reduce the overall carbon emissions from the energy system. In addition the utilisation of energy storage provides additional services to help keep the UK power networks more robust and stable.  Most of the necessary technologies are available but they are too expensive for consumers to invest in themselves and the business model is not in place that shows companies how they will make a return, so they do not invest.

Project SCENe starts with a blank sheet of paper: a new housing development in Nottingham’s Trent Basin. It brings together all the companies involved in the energy supply chain with the potential buyers of up to 120 homes on site. Involving solar photo-voltaic panels, Europe’s largest community energy battery and local thermal energy production, distribution and storage. The aim is to generate renewable energy and deliver grid services to the National grid. Using novel consumer engagement tools and a focus on business model development the consortium will develop and test business model templates that could be used by any developers of large scale housing projects. Read more about the project partners.

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