The Sustainable Energy Technology 2018 conference commences today, with the UoN’s esteemed Prof. Saffa Riffat

Conferences are a way to bring together invaluable ideas, research, innovation and stakeholders. Done well, it creates a positive forum to dissemenate and stimulate. The Sustainable Energy Technology Conference is a prime example of this and its 18th annual iteration started today in Wuhan, China, organised by key staff at the… Continue reading

Bringing community energy groups, stakeholders and key developments together: Regen, WPD, Flexibility and Project SCENe

Community energy, communities themselves and decentralised energy are essential parts of a sustainable, smart and affordable energy future. They are also the most underrepresented and underdeveloped part. This is also the case for energy storage. Strategies like Project SCENe and organisations like Regen aim to remedy this. This week they… Continue reading