Trent Basin-Community Information Model

Trent Basin-Community Information Model (TB-CIM) is an interactive online platform that displays historical and real-time energy data of the Trent Basin Community. The primarily aim of this visualisation tool is to engage the community residents, informing them of the communal energy generation, storage and consumption. It also aimed to promote public engagement of the community energy scheme and disseminate the results of the project. Take a look at TB-CIM

The TB-CIM platform was designed by Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) Company in collaboration with the University of Nottingham and it uses Smart Home and Internet of Things technologies Through this interactive and informative platform, the residents are able to gather information about community energy data and this help them to make more informed decisions to optimise the operation of the overall community energy scheme.

One of the main features of the TB-CIM is the ability of the multiple-users actively interact at the same time with the model through a multiple-touch screen system, displayed on a multiple touch wall screen located on the Trent Basin community hub. The platform was designed to be inclusive and self-explanatory, allowing children and people with reduced mobility to also interact as the dashboards were designed to be easily accessible and thus, help all the users to learn and interact more with the community energy data.

Multiple touch wall screen at Trent Basin community hub

The TB-CIM shows real-time level data for the show apartment and house . A set of measured environmental variables are available to be displayed in the graphs along simulated data for comparison purposes.

Example of real-time data of the show apartment displayed on the platform

More information about TB-CIM can be found at:

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