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Listening, learning and engaging the residents of Trent Basin is critical to the innovation and success of Project SCENe.

Claire Hopkins from Stickyworld tells you about online private resident engagement forums we’ve set up to do this. These are powered by Stickyworld, one of the project partners. 

The forums provided by us are interactive, free and secure, providing meeting places for the public to engage with energy, sustainability and community related topics, all through this link, and additional private forums for us to hold discussions uniquely with the Trent Basin residents or project members.     

To fulfil our goal of understanding how to take Community Energy from niche to mainstream, we need to understand residents’ questions and detailed practical requirements. This feedback will help us learn how to deliver a viable Community Energy proposition that makes sense and provides value – both financially and environmentally – in the short and long term.

We are encouraging residents to come along to community meetings to hear about the project and to get involved in the online private engagement forums we’ve specifically set up.

The private forums, which are only available to residents, explain different aspects of the project in a visual way. Available 24/7 you can access the forums on the go wherever you are via a mobile phone or device. It’s easy to leave your questions or ideas with sticky notes, and one of the team will get back to you right away. As our conversation with you grows in the forums, you’ll be able to see each others comments and get in touch with the project team at any time.

These are the resident forums we’ve set up:

ESCO discussion Forum – This is an online forum and a place where you can ask any questions about the ESCO or the project and receive a response from one of the team. This contains an extensive FAQ section where you can access previously raised questions and their answers.

ESCO Discussion Forum

Your Digital Assistant – Here you help us to design the voice controls for the Amazon Echo Dot by submitting your ideas and speaking with the team. There’s also a handy video and explanation of the capabilities of the Echo Dot.

Your Digital Assistant room

ESCO Surplus Share Group – This is an online forum where you can shape the way in which the surplus (profit) generated by the ESCO is distributed.

Surplus Discussion Forum

If you are a resident and would like access to these forums, please email [email protected] or [email protected]. They will then send you an invitation by e-mail to the forums.

We’d love you to get involved. You will be helping to shape a very important project in the UK energy research sector. There are lots of other individual benefits to find out about too.  

Resident meetings are held in the Community Hub, located in the apartment building on Portside Street. Residents will be invited through the newsletter, which is sent electronically to your email address.

There is a public forum available to everyone with some introductory videos and diagrams to help explain some of the ideas behind Project SCENe, and Community Energy Schemes in general.

Stickyworld’s flexible platform is ideal for this project as it supports our engagement in private with residents as well as broad public and stakeholder engagement. You can read more about Stickyworld here.

The project is also on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there and share your stories, insights and anything else.




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  1. This is a great blog, thanks Claire!
    In addition to the financial and green benefits for residents mentioned above, the project also affords numerous social benefits, from spurring capacity building and a feeling of community and cohesion to providing collective facilities and resources.

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