Climate Change Minister in visit to the University of Nottingham to hear more about Project SCENe

MP Claire Perry visited Creative Energy Homes at the University of Nottingham to meet with researchers to hear about green energy projects. Charles Bradshaw-Smith from Smatklub, Nick Ebbs from Blueprint, Dainius Alonderis and Professor Gavin Walker from the University of Nottingham were presenting some of the developments of Project SCENe.

Photo: Léonie Mathers‏ @leoniemathers

The visit was the same day the government released the “Plan launched to bring smart energy technology into homes and businesses”. Charles Bradshaw-Smith spoke with Bloomberg about the government’s plan: “It’s going to allow households to aggregate via service companies, so individual households can start to act as a big block of energy storage”.

According to My Nottingham News, MP Claire Perry said: “Today, as part of our Industrial Strategy, the Government has launched an ambitious and far reaching plan to prepare our energy system in the future. I was fascinated by the ground breaking research being carried out by the University of Nottingham, which incorporates small energy systems in local housing projects. The plan we published today will help make it even easier for these new technologies to be rolled out across the country”.

Photo: UoN Energy‏ @UoNEnergy

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Climate Change Minister in visit to Nottingham






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