More about Project SCENe

If you are interested in knowing more about Project SCENe here are some links of articles about the project:

“Trent Basin project could provide low-carbon model for the future”

“Europe’s largest community battery to be installed at Nottingham’s Trent Basin” 

“Europe’s Largest Community Battery to be Installed in Nottingham”

“Tesla to charge up Nottingham with biggest community battery system in Europe”

“Europe’s largest community battery to be installed at Nottingham development”

Tesla to install Powerpacks at Europe’s largest community battery project

“UK: consortium launched to develop largest community battery project”

“Tesla install to bring Europe’s largest community battery to Nottingham”

“Tesla to Supply Grid Storage for Housing Community in Nottingham”

“Tesla Powerpack to charge up Europe’s Largest Community, Battery project in Nottingham”

“Consortium to launch unique energy company at £100m Nottingham Scheme”

“Pioneering community energy pilot underway at Nottingham housing development”

“Powerpacki Tesli zasilą osiedle w Nottingham w największej współdzielonej instalacji w Europie”

“Hier is de grootste Tesla-batterij te vinden”

Project SCENe at Trent Basin is funded by Innovate UK and Energy Research Accelerator (ERA)


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