Electricity network operator WPD featured Project SCENe in their recent journal.

Many thanks to WPD for their work with interconnecting our 2.1 MWh battery and 440 kW PV array at Trent Basin to the local and national grid, which they discuss well in a feature length piece this month. This interconnection is key for the significant grid services and low carbon energy benefits local renewable energy generation and storage enables. This includes supporting the distribution network at times of highest and rather urgent demand, known as Firm Frequency Response or FFR, and learning how this can be rolled out throughout the UK. The article highlights how Project SCENe has been instrumental for helping improve how this may be done: “This type of project has an important part to play in the development of our future energy networks”.

To read the full 2 page article we have the link here, courtesy of WPD:

Trent Basin feature article


For more from WPD, including their other exciting projects, see here.

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